We will be streaming services on Facebook and Youtube:  

We have two ways to watch streaming services at St Nicholas:


1. YouTube

- Our channel is "St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church - Virginia Beach"

- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTA4R3vumNL7WLFb1qYeJYw


2. Facebook

- https://www.facebook.com/stnicksgoc




On March 1, 2020 St. Nicholas held our 2020 St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival.   We heard 6 wonderful speeches by the young people of our church.   Sadly, due to the pandemic, the succeeding levels of the Festival (the Virginia District, the New Jersey Metropolis and the Nationals) were cancelled for this year.   Therefore, our finalists did not have the opportunity to advance and participate in the higher levels of the Oratorical Festival.

To help remedy this, the Archdiocese requested the speeches from each parish be posted on that church’s social media. This gives the Faithful everywhere the opportunity to watch and listen.

Our 2020 speakers were:   Junior Division - Jolie Colton & Kaycie Colton. Senior Division – Luke Henkel, Caroline Lowe, Natalia Komiti & Dimitrios Komitis.  

St. Nicholas is proud to share these short videos. Please take a minute to view them. We believe you will be impressed and share our view that the future of the Orthodox Church is in good hands.  

files/OF-SPKR-JR-3.mp4 (169914kb)

files/OF-JR-SPKR-4.mp4 (108924kb)

files/OF-SPKR-SEN-5.mp4 (254674kb)

files/OF-SPKR-SEN-6.mp4 (283838kb)

files/OF-SPKR-SEN-7.mp4 (351825kb)

files/OF-SPKR-SEN-8.mp4 (319074kb)


Light A Candle

If you would like us to light a candle for you or your loved ones, please fill out the form below and Fr. John will pray for you.






Good afternoon St. Nicholas family!


We are blessed today with many online resources for our Orthodox Christian faith available in the English language. Please use these links below as opportunities to learn, to connect to liturgical services around the world, and to listen to Orthodox music. Included are also links to podcasts, prayers, and services that you can pray at home.


These are great resources to help you cultivate your "little church" at home! If you have any questions about these links or how to engage with your faith at home, please don't hesitate to contact me at w.sam.williams@gmail.com.


Resource list:


1. Regularly updated list of resources including ways to stream online services, resources for children, and reflections on managing stress and anxiety.



2. Daily Orthodox scripture & saint readings



3. Orthodox prayers



4. Orthodox services - if you'd like to pray the Akathist or Paraklesis, for example



5. Excellent resource of Orthodox articles, writings of the saints, and lives of saints. Includes articles organized by topic.



6. Orthodox podcasts and blogs



7.  Streaming Orthodox music and Orthodox radio



8. Video resources on Orthodoxy



9. Streaming services from Orthodox monasteries (services in English)




In Christ,

Sam Williams



Pastoral Assistant

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

621 First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451




His Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos of New Jersey presents:



Metropolis Opioid Response Effort

The M.O.R.E Program


We can do MORE to prevent the spread of addiction

We can do MORE to protect our children from Opioids

We can do MORE to help those who are addicted

We can do MORE to stimulate constructive discussion

We can all do MORE to become informed and knowledgeable

Through the efforts of individual parishioners, our dedicated clergy and the Metropolis of New Jersey

we can all do MORE to insure that no family suffers from the loss of a loved one to drugs.

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